Educational Programming

Something fun and exciting for your students to learn!

Physical Classes

Yes, we can show up in costume and help with rounding out your curriculum in a way that will capture the hearts and minds of your students. What better way for them to learn about the history than having someone right there they can ask?

Virtual Learning

From book clubs to virtual classrooms during the pandemic. We did our fair share of classes this way, and it remains to be an extremely helpful tool for distance learning!

Story Telling

Whether historical tales, fictional, reading rooms, libraries, schools, or the story spots some communities have with historical figures. We can pretty much show up, give crowds a good story, and capture the imaginations of children of all ages!


Something different about Revolutionary War Era people relating to modern times with modern issues such as bullying, history, life lessons, and even coaching.

Field Trips

As we do not yet have our own site, we can come to you, or network with another site to bring that field trip a bit more adventure than what your students expect. Or, we can come to you and have an “in-school field trip” back in time…

Community Education

Community is what is lacking in today’s society. So if you’re doing a school event or community event, we can always show up to teach and show the importance of community during historic times, and how we still need it today!

Please fill out the form and let us know what we can help you with!