Our Story

How it Started

Like everything else worthwhile in life, it all starts with what “seemed like a good idea at the time.” Little did we know that idea would be wrought with many unforeseen challenges ahead.

We started as a small group of reenactors that came together to build something bigger than just a hobby. Since 2016 we’ve dedicated ourselves to the research of this particular part of history and using it to build a living history museum.

Captain Von Siegel writing in the ships log at Washington’s Crossing.
The Schooner Pursuit & Owner Captain Samuel “Von” Siegel June 11, 2016

Where we are…

While we did give a valiant effort to bring the Pursuit home to PA, it came to an abrupt halt in August of 2019 when we were forced to say goodbye to the vessel we had spent so much on. The costs of storage, upkeep, and a refit were just too much for us to bear.

Since that time we have shifted our focus to bringing more of a museum to the general public, and over that time have built up our exhibits quite substantially, and we keep adding to our exhibits and programming each year.

What’s in store for our future?

We would like to have a Brick and Mortar museum space to call our own. A space that allows us to have another Schooner or period-appropriate vessel, a place we can bring people together for our own events, and allow people to gather for celebrations, education, research, and a sense of community we are lacking while in our current mobile status.

Each day we get a little bit closer to our dreams and goals. We always are striving to do more, learn more, and show more to everyone we can.