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For those just getting into Revolutionary War era historical interpretation or reenactment, or those who have been involved for a while. The more research one does will make for a better impression!

Basic Recommeded Kit for Privateersmen

Breeches or slops, Shirt (Natural or white), Stockings, Shoes/Boots, Neckerchief (“Sweat rag”), Pea-Coat (Sailor’s Top Coat), Sea/Ditty Bag or Haversack, Canteen (Metal or Wood), Hat (Tri-corn, flat brim, or stocking), Sail and or Jackknife, Period Musket and or Pistol, Period saber/cutlass, Shave Necessaries, Sewing kit, Personal cutlery/wood bowl, wood plate, tankard (Tin, pewter, or horn).


Some Useful Websites to aid your research along… – WHAT they wore – Where to find Some of it

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Source documentation on 18th Century Naval Clothing:

Gentlemen’s Period Dress

Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg

Ladies Period Dress

Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg

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