Living History Services

What we offer

We offer various types of Living History services for the edutainment of all. Whether it be in an educational setting, fundraising, or event, our unique brand has a lot to offer!

Interactive Lectures

When someone visits the museum and comes through they are met by one or more of us as historical interpreters that tell the story and basic history of Privateersmen and supporters during the Revolutionary War. It’s more of a discussion than a lecture and audience participation is definitely encouraged!

Living History Demonstrations

One never knows what you may find. Possibly a cooking demonstration, sail or clothes mending, a rousing game of draughts, smoking, everyday tasks, the ringing of the watch bell. Perhaps all, perhaps more. We try to emulate the sights, sounds, smells (just the good ones), and even some touch exhibits to tingle most of the senses.

Black Powder Arms Demonstrations & battle reenactments

This is our oldest and most favored of the demonstrations, and even some skits we like to share with others. We don’t often get to in recent times, as we have a smaller crew now, but we have extensive demonstrations on arms, care & safety, and even proper drill of the time as it pertains to civilian merchant mariners.

Tavern Nights

We excel at adding edutainment to a historical site, or fundraising tavern night. It was not uncommon to find maritime folks at taverns in regions with a tie to the water. Some drinking songs, a little bit of history, and even some skits usually find their way into programming for such events.

Living History Skits

What is living history without a little bit of theatre? We do skits to add a sense of either reality or comic relief into the mix. Most people retain knowledge and memory if they see, feel, and hear the experience, then add in a bit of audience participation and they have a time they will not soon forget!

Historical Ambiance

We even add to things as window dressing for other historical events. Frequently we help out other sites with some events, whether it be a baseball game with a Revolutionary theme, a historical site’s haunted house, a pub crawl, or other events. We can definitely help round out the experience!

Whatever the needs of the event are, we can fill them.
If you want something unique at your event, let’s have a conversation about how we can help!