Multimedia Programs

Multiple formats, multiple platforms,
Multiple Programs to fit your needs!

E-Newsletter – Brevo

A few times a month we write up a newsletter that includes previous and upcoming events, some articles, and other museum happenings. Delivered to our email list you have to sign up for in order to receive it.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is where we host some of the videos we share on the website and Facebook. If you are looking for a video project to link to for your students, this is a good place to start. This is just one of the sources we provide.

Podcast – Spotify

We launched a monthly podcast “In Pursuit, a Privateer Podcast” discussing Privateering during the Revolutionary War and museum events. We may also interview relevant guests as the show gains popularity.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page offers various features that allow us to share videos, pictures, and even host Facebook Live webinars. Social media provides us with a flexible and cost-effective means of disseminating information.


Instagram offers us a similar product as Facebook, but it stays in the realm of pictures and video. We are able to share pics and video clips from our adventures and events with the public.

X (Twitter)

Although we are not frequent users of Twitter, we do engage with the platform by sharing various types of content such as pictures, videos, links, and short descriptions.


We use two platforms for teleconferencing. Our first choice is Free Conference Call as it is better for us economically, and we’ve never had a security issue, the second choice is ZOOM. Both have their places, and we use both tools for board and educational purposes.

Community Forums

Some time ago, we launched our very own online community forums where we share updates, event information, board happenings, and historical discussions on a range of topics related to Privateering in the AWI. Additionally, we also cover museum-related news and events.

Other Forms of Media

Although we have encountered different levels of success in the past, we have never given up on our film projects and continue to pursue them. These projects are often utilized for marketing purposes, and we even create our own commercials for our podcast. Interested? Contact us!