Donate to the AWIPM

Please help us Light the way

There are many ways one can donate to the AWIPM.
Whether it be Financial, Material, or Time.
All are welcome!

Financial Donations

Money, it’s what makes the world go round. Nothing happens in this world without it, and it is a sad reality that nothing museums do happen without it. From Exhibits to the Website. Everything we do costs in some way, and as we are 100% volunteer-staffed, and do not yet have a brick-and-mortar, this part is harder to come by than most would think.

Material Donations

Some of our exhibits and equipment are donated to us, as are some of the materials we use to create exhibits, the look of our setup, safety materials, and even some of our demonstration materials such as gunpowder, and wood/charcoal for fires. If you’re interested in making a donation in this way, please have a conversation with us to ensure it’s something we can put to good use.

Time Donations

This is the backbone of any entity that relies on volunteers. 100% of what we do rests upon the donation of time and effort from people. Granted this is also the gateway to the trifecta of ways to donate within the museum for our volunteers, but that comes after a healthy donation of time and effort. This is the best way to help us out because, without this, we cannot function.

If you are looking to make a donation to the AWI Privateer Museum, we can help you with that process.
We’re steering away from automated systems when it comes to this step and adding a more personalized touch.
Please fill out the information form and someone from the board of directors will be in touch with you soon!