Sponsorship opportunities benefit us all!

Why sponsor the AWIPM? We are the most unique brand of a museum to date. No other does what we do, or how we do it, and that draws people in…

What do we offer? Something that is very unique as far as museums go. A look into a very niche piece of history within the founding of our nation.
A look at civilian businessmen and their endeavors in the Revolutionary War to help harass British shipping and bring about the most lucrative business opportunities for sailors and other merchants during the late 18th century. The AWIPM is the only institution that teaches that niche exclusively.

sponsorship types

Event Sponsorship

This is an agreed upon arrangement for either AWIPM based events, or your own events you would like us to come and attend.

Location Sponsorship

Similar to an Event Sponsorship, but in this case you are Sponsoring an AWIPM Event by allowing us to utilize you space as agreed upon for Edutainment, Fundraising, or any agreed upon useage.

Project Sponsorship

Projects are the lifeforce of any museum. Capital projects to exhibit projects. They each require financial backing and personnel support to see things through.

Exhibit Sponsorship

Exhibits don’t happen without the support of some kind or another. Helping us by supporting exhibits gets you or your organization, business, or institution mentioned on or placed near the exhibit.

Media Sponsorship

This comes in many forms, but the basics are ad space or a commercial (audio spot or mention during our podcast or online event).

Overall Sponsorship

If none or multiple of the ways seen in this listing suits your needs, we are happy to entertain your ideas or combinations thereof.

Network and Affiliate Program

This program will most likely appeal to anyone in a corporate, organizational, institutional, or mercantile setting as it checks all the boxes in an inexpensive way you can add to a sponsorship program that is a win-win for everyone. As far as what it costs us all is very likable. It’s FREE. All it takes is an agreement to help spread the word on-site for you, and on our website link section for us, and you get top billing (alphabetically of course) in our links section.