There are various ways one can volunteer with the AWIPM.
Active Memberships, Behind-the-scenes, Internships, & more.
Let us help find something that works for you!

To become an Active Member / Volunteer one must meet certain criteria. 
You MUST: Be 18 years of age (or join with a parent/guardian), be able to pass a criminal background check, be able to pass a child endangerment/abuse background check, be vetted by our current active membership, get along with us and pass a probationary period, as well as have the means to assist in annual dues (typically around $25 per individual for regular active membership) to help cover Liability Insurance, general costs, Navy & Marine Living History Association (NMLHA) and Small Museum Association (SMA) associative dues, & operating expenses not covered by the AWIPM conducted business such as demonstration items like food, gunpowder, fuel stipend reimbursement, etc… 

Types of Volunteers

Active Members
(Historical Interpreters)

This is the backbone of the museum. These are the people who get dressed up in 18th-century costumes, help set up & tear down, as well as being responsible for running the museum.

Associate / Partnered
(Historical Interpreters)

Our friends from other organizations and historic sites who have pledged to help and serve us as it fits their individual schedules. They carry their own liability insurance.


Some of our volunteers choose to help in different ways. Some would rather not be historical interpreters, help with social media, day-to-day office things, setups and teardowns, and social media or online programming.

Unpaid Internships

We also offer internship programs from basic community service for Elementary, Junior High Schoolers, and High Schoolers to unpaid internships for collegiate-level students. This also allows for the fulfillment of community service credits.

Benefits of being a Volunteer / Active Member
*Free Training *Volunteer Experience *Museum Experience *Opportunity *Positive References
*Community Service Hours *Camaraderie *Adventure *Historical Knowledge
*Navy & Marine Living History Association Membership
*Small Museum Association Membership

So, if you’re interested in volunteering with us, and you want to give it a go, we welcome you!
Fill out the form below and let’s get started on your adventure in helping us in keeping history alive!